Misión en CentroAmerica y SudAmerica

Nuestra misión para los pobres Objetivo: conectar a las comunidades PPC de América Central y del Sur con los sectores público y privado de los Estados Unidos y los países latinoamericanos locales para mejorar conjuntamente la prestación de servicios en materia de medios de vida, educación y evaluación médica. Apoyar la presencia de PPC en la región.

La misión para los pobres será gestionada por los tres coordinadores regionales –

  • Rod Bustos
  • Roger Santos
  • Glen Santayana

Tenga en cuenta que este es un programa bajo la iniciativa PPC y no una entidad.

Relief Drive Colombia, Ecuador & Peru by Miggie Martinez – CFC FTPW – Northern South.Currently, there are 38,571 COVID19 confirmed cases in Ecuador, 26,688 in Colombia, and a staggering 148,000 cases in Peru.The Coronavirus Pandemic across the Latin America particularly in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, with its strict compliance on the mandatory lockdown all over the countries, has left hundreds of thousands of families jobless and unable to provide decent meals on their tables for weeks. Even a CFC PPC brother who resides near the sea and whose source of living is fishing could not even go out to fish for his family.This is something that has alarmed and still alarming our brethren here and around the world.During the past weeks of April, our CFC USA through the leadership of Bro. Robert Lopez and Sis Diana Torres – CFC Country Coordinators to Colombia; Bro. Esok and Sis. Sally Adrenada – CFC PPC Country Coordinators to Ecuador (who with the grace of God are COVID survivors themselves), Bro. Tony andSis. Aida Gabarda – CFC PPC Country Coordinators to Peru, Bro. Glen Santayana – RegionalCoordinator to CFC Northern South America, support by CFC USA National Council (their approval to reallocate unused mission funds) and with the collaboration of NorSoAm Area Coordinators/ US donors, with our local CFC PPC leaders on ground zero and missionaries, have all joined together to put up a CFC Parejas Para Cristo Food Relief Drive Assistance to the said countries. The CFC PPC handed over the supplies to more than 215 CFC PPC families in the region with basic food provisions such as rice, canned goods, sugar, cooking oil, flour, pasta, salt, bread, and some biscuits for the children, which can last for 2 weeks. These were disseminated through the main towns up to mountain residents also through the help of some of our priests. A HOLD member from Posorja, Ecuador, sharing their desperate situation mentioned thankfully that the food parcels have reconfirmed they are not alone and that they are truly part of Couples for Christ family. As the lockdown extends to majority of the countries and as the number of COVID cases still on increase, another PPC Food Relief Drive Assistance is set to be conducted in the following weeks to extend a much-needed help to our PPC brethren there.Other than the food drive, counseling, regular households, weekly rosary nights, teaching new ways to communicate virtual and staying connected had been initiated and taught in most of the CFC PPC areas to affirm our brethren with the warm presence of the Lord during these unprecedented and trying times.Indeed, it is during these times that we recognize and meet God face to face both through the giver and through the brethren in need. Appreciation is an understatement for most of us who knows what it is like to be reached out by Him who is the Giver of life and Provider of all, be it food, financial, emotional, or spiritual — it is something profound. It is glory, because it is like receiving a piece of God’s mercy, apiece of Heaven. For with Him we are always filled to the brim. “There was no one in the group who wasin need.” Acts 4:34May we never cease being God’s agents of hope, faith and love to our brethren in need as we strive to live a life of hope, faith and love for ourselves and our families as well during this pandemic.