Missio Ad Gentes : Becoming Jesus’ Missionary Disciples-Pope Francis

Pope Francis’ profound thoughts on missionary renewaljoy, and mercy provide a solid compass to guide us as individuals and communities during our 500-years celebration and in the year 2021 which is dedicated to missio ad gentes (mission to all peoples).  ´“What you have received as a gift, give as a gift” (Mt 10:8).  We pray for a missionary renewal of our Church—both at home (ad intra) and beyond our borders (ad extra) during our celebration of the 500 years—and into the future! ´

  • He asserts that we need an “evangelizing Church that comes out of herself,” not a Church that is “self-referential” and “lives within herself, of herself, for herself” (cf. EG 20-24).  All renewal in the Church must have mission as its goal if it is not to fall prey to a kind of ecclesial introversion” (EG 27).  We seek to renew our mission enthusiasm here at home as well as missio ad gentes, mission to other nations and peoples. ´-       
  • Throughout the world, let us be ‘permanently in a state of mission’” (EG 25).  We must seek to “put all things in a missionary key” (EG 34).  We recall the challenge of Pope John Paul II during his 1981 visit to We need to move ‘from a pastoral ministry of mere conservation to a decidedly missionary pastoral ministry’” (EG 15).  our Church: “I wish to tell you of my special desire: that the Filipinos will become the foremost missionaries of the Church in Asia.”  This is a clear invitation to engage in missio ad gentes!

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